Sierra Leone Money Transfer, safely and securely

We live in an age where millions of dollars are being transferred all over the world each day. However, along with this, there are millions of Leones which are being transferred insecurely, and the funds are being lost with very little way of tracing them.


Some transfers can raise suspicion

Transferring money can strike fear in people, as they often worry that their money will be lost and gone forever, with no way of claiming it back. One thing that can often scare people when making a transfer of funds internationally is the security and legality of doing so. Whilst your intentions can be completely legitimate, such a transaction may look suspicious and raise concerns.

Many people often pay large fees to transfer money internationally via their bank, but this can often be a lengthy and expensive process, which is not ideal if the funds are for a family member in need.

Why transfer money using a foreign exchange?

When transferring funds via a legitimate foreign exchange, they will be able to answer any concerns you may have regarding this, and will reassure you that there will be no negative repercussions for doing so. Clients that choose to send money to Sierra Leone will have peace of mind that their money is protected. They can also assure you that the funds are sent securely, meaning the money will not be “lost in the system”, and your details will remain protected and secure.

Why choose Ismail Foreign Exchange?

Ismail Foreign Exchange is a well-established business and host to a collection of industry professionals, forming Sierra Leone’s leading money transfer service. One of our key attributes as a business is peace of mind that your money is being sent securely, and that the customer service you receive is of the highest standard.

At Ismail Foreign Exchange, we also offer specialist expertise in remittances, which allows us to provide valuable guidance and insight to our customers. This ensures that all transfers are smooth, safe and legal. By being able to provide specialist advice on queries our customers have, we can reassure our clients that it is safe to transfer funds to other countries and continents.

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