About Us

Who We Are

Ismail Foreign Exchange is a collection of industry professionals, forming Sierra Leone’s leading money transfer service. As a company, we work together to provide the utmost standards of support to our customers, ensuring every person that uses our service is completely satisfied with what we have to offer. We aim to achieve a meaningful and sustained growth nationwide, something we are delivering thanks to our focus on growth, innovation and development. We hire employees based on their consistent reliability, dedication and trustworthiness to provide a service as professional as our personal business goals. We are Ismail Foreign Exchange, and we’re here to change the way you complete money transfers.

What we do

As a money transfer service registered with the Bank of Sierra Leone, we offer expert services for the transfer of money to various locations, from West Africa to Europe and America. With 25 sites in Sierra Leone and a reputation for high-quality customer service, we go above and beyond our competitors to offer a service that is affordable, efficient and secure to our valued customer base. We have particular expertise in remittances, allowing us to provide valuable guidance and insight to our customers to ensure their transfers are smooth, safe and legal.

Why we do it

Why do we strive to be the best money transfer service in Sierra Leone? As a business that puts growth and innovation first, we believe that to be the best; you have to hold particular values. These include putting our customers first in all we do, having integrity in all our business dealings and working together to function as a team. We’re passionate about providing our customers with a service that is both value for money and highly efficient, fulfilling the needs of each customer one step at a time.