Remain in control when you send money to Sierra Leone

If you are someone who needs to send money to Sierra Leone, you should read this article. Especially if you are a native of Sierra Leone living abroad, it will help you to find peace of mind.


Sending money anywhere in the world can be a risky business. Sierra Leone is no exception. But now there is a way that you can not only have complete confidence that your money will arrive safely, but that it will be handled by a foreign exchange specialist based in the country of destination.

There are plenty of businesses that exist to facilitate sending money securely, almost anywhere in the world. But many of these companies are completely faceless. Not only that, they are based in European countries. People use them via the internet with no sort of personal contact whatsoever.

Supporting the Sierra Leone economy

While there is nothing wrong with that per se, wouldn’t you be much more comfortable knowing that your hard-earned cash is being handled by a real foreign exchange professional? Not only that but by a native professional too. As well as being more patriotic to use a locally based company, it also makes good business sense. You will be helping to support the local economy.

A personalized service that delivers time after time

Whether you send money to Sierra Leone regularly or periodically, using a local foreign exchange specialist will ensure the security of any money transfers. You will also experience top customer service – not the facelessness you get from other money transfer services.

If you have any questions or special requests, they will be handled by a real person whose sole aim is to meet your expectations. Business always works better when it is conducted by individuals whose aim is to please.

Keeping you in control of your money

Ismail FX (Foreign Exchange) is a highly respected, well-established company of professionals. The personal service we offer is second to none. We can give you any specialist advice you need and will ensure that your money arrives safe and sound here in Sierra Leone ready for immediate use by the consignee. You can access our services from anywhere in the world.

When you employ Ismail FX as your money transfer Sierra Leone specialist, you will cut out any costly handling fees. Using our services keeps you in control of your money until the receiver withdraws it.

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