Ismail Foreign Exchange Bureau

Welcome to the leading money transfer app in Sierra Leone.

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As experienced industry professionals working alongside our customers to support fast, productive and competitive money transfer services, we’re one of the best options on the market.

How does Ismail FX money transfer work?

It's simple. Our app works quickly and effectively to transfer your money around the globe. IsmailFX is packed with multiple useful features, such as automatic repeat payments and transfer tracking.

You can use IsmailFX in 3 simple steps.


Select the country you wish to send money to.


Enter the full name and details of the recipient.

Select the payment method

Select how you wish to pay the transaction for example, debit card, cash in branch, orange money or bank transfer.

What makes IsmailFX special?

Instant transfer

Our app works fast. Use your debit card to transfer an amount instantly and it will be received by the nearest Ismail FX agent.

Global approach

As we cater to customers around the globe, they can select either a fully online, fully offline or a mix of both for your transfer process.

Customer focused

If you have any question, simply visit your nearest brand and one of our wonderful team will be able to help you

Multiple delivery method

There are multiple ways a recipient can collect their money, including a cash pickup, a transfer directly to their bank account or a transfer directly to their mobile money account.

What Clients Say?

IsmailFX is always my first option when sending money. I love its customer service, high exchange rates and quick transfer time. Its reassuring to know my money is always safe  and received straight away by my family.

I had always been worried about transferring money since the few service providers available only offered law exchange rates, causing my family to miss out on a lot of money. Luckily, I found IsmailFX on the internet, and I am so impressed by their services. Not only do they provide a high exchange rate, but  also their services are easily accessible accross Sierra Leone.